MicroFocus Together is a comprehensive, modeling platform for software analysts, designers and developers needing to communicate the organisation, strucutre and function of software systems and components.

To cut and paste is human, to generate is ...

The Document Generation engine within Together has not had the attention it deserves over the last decade. Its user-interface is not particularly user-friendly and its user documentation is woeful.

However, for those that have to produce specification documents from their models, it can still be a huge time saver if it can be understood and made to work. Hopefully, the following can help with this task:

Together's gendoc facility provides a powerful and flexible means of generating documents in various formats. This in turn provides the opportunity for an organisation, department, or team to start to move up from the 'text with models' paradigm to the 'models with text' paradigm.

Gendoc can also play a powerful role as a component in a model-driven development, engineering, or architecture (MDD, MDE, MDA) approach especially when combined with an organisation's design standards covering how models should be built, and audits and metrics that enforce those rules, guidelines, and conventions.

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