MicroFocus Together is a comprehensive, modeling platform for software analysts, designers and developers needing to communicate the organisation, strucutre and function of software systems and components.

Borland Together was originally built on a single founding idea. That idea is keeping design and source code constantly synchronized by using source code files to store all the semantic information about the design. The technology that does this within the Together product is called LiveSource™. Where no programming language construct exists to represent the design information required in the diagram, a custom Javadoc-style tag is placed in the comment above the class, interface, attribute, or method.

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On the unique foundation provided by LiveSource™, a number of key feature were built

Since version 3.0, Together has offered support for most if not all Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams and reasonably complete support for the modeling constructs of each of those diagrams .The latest version, Together 2006 provides good support for UML 2.0 with the exception of the new and unproven interaction overview diagram and the new and not widely-used timing chart diagram. However, LiveSource is only concerned with class and sequence and communication diagrams (previously called collaboration diagrams).

Also a number of new key feature areas have been added over the years and the existing ones extended. Together now boosts a compelling feature set for organizations wanting to improve understanding and communication of software designs through building and publishing models. These include:

  • More powerful documentation generation capabilities through the addition of OCL-based queries.
  • Extension of automated audit checking and and metric collection to all areas of the model and not just LiveSource diagrams
  • Easier interaction with version control systems especially MicroFocus's StarTeam
  • Easier and richer customisation through the support of UML profiles and profile modeling features.
  • Extension of automated pattern support to all areas of the model and not just LiveSource diagrams.
  • Model to model and model to text transformation technology enabling more to be generated from models.
  • Integration with both MicroFocus's CaliberRM and IBM's Requisite Pro requirements management system

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